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Patron: Assumption

Founded in year 2000


Telephone Number : 255/22/2450596


The Parish Priest is: Rev. Fr. Brian F. Mkude


KIBANGU PARISH COMPRISES OF 9, 860 M.sq, this area includes Kilungule, which is an outstation of Kibangu.Kilungule alone covers an area of 7150 m. sq.Kilungule is 25 kilometers from Dar es Salaam City centre.


Kibangu Parish was originally an outstation of Makuburi Parish, which is 4 kilometres away.Makuburi Parish was split from Makuburi on August 18th 2000. one Priest from Makuburi, Fr. Brian Mkude,shifted to Kibangu to warm up the fatherís House and later on another Priest came to join him. On 24th September, 2000, His Eminence Cardinal Polycarp Pengo officially opened the parish ofKibangu in a solemn mass.

Kibangu Parish has about 20,000 people of whom only 6,000 are Catholics.


The dominant Religion here is Christian.The relations Between Catholic and and other Christian denominations and the Moslems are very good. We are a;; trying to build up the city of God.


Your obedient servant in humility to our Lord Jesus.





Rev. Fr. Brian F. Mkude