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A Conference and Trainig Centre



Msimbazi Centre is located along Kawawa Road (formally Kigogo Road) in Ilala District, Dar Es Salaam Region, about 4 Kilometers away form the City Centre. It was established on 17 June, 1962, through the donations from the Swiss Christian Workers to the Archdiocese of Dar Es Salaam, as a social, religious and educational Centre.




 The objective of the donors was and  is to educate Tanzanians to eradicate poverty.

The Centre provides various educational advancement programmes to those who have completed their basic and intermediate school education as well as from the working community at large.


Full Secretarial Courses.


Programmes offered include,  a full secretarial course stages I to III (suitable for students from Form IV and VI or those who have finished the previous stages), comprising the following subjects: typewriting, English Language, Office Practices, Secretarial Duties, Shorthand, Computer, and French.


Part-time courses.


English-Elementary and English stage one (suitable for students from std VII to Form IV).English short courses and English stage II suitable for students from Form  IV &VI ), French Language, Typewriting suitable for  Form IV & VI.

All other courses except part time and full secretarial stages II & III take 12 months duration.


Computer Courses.


Computer courses-with programmes such as MS-Word & Intro, Ms-Excel, MS-Access, MS-Publisher, Page  Maker, Power Point (each programme for 3 weeks).

Suitable for students from Form IV& VI.


Homecraft  course.


Homecraft course is suitable for students from  Std VII and dropouts from secondary schools  and it is for two years. The subjects taught are Tailoring and knitting, Cookery, Home economics, handicraft, embroidery, English (elementary stage),Social Ethics, Home Nursing.


The total number of students at onetime is 250 taking the above various courses  and the majority of  students are girls.


Hostel facilities


Msimbazi Centre provides also hostels services for all people from different parts of the world. It has single self-contained rooms, single and double beds rooms, Family flats, special double beds rooms with capacity of hosting 150 guests per time. All our rates include bed and breakfast except for students who have special rates. We provide laundry services, reading/ TV rooms, and a campsite for those who come with their tents. We have special hostel for female students with low rent and a gas cooker for two students in order to encourage them to study in good environment.


Canteen /Bar Services


We render canteen services to individuals and groups starting from breakfast to supper/dinner with varieties. We also render catering services to different customers as per their choices. We prepare cakes of flour of different sizes also we roast goats (ndafu) for wedding cakes. There is a bar for soft drinks, beer, wines, and hard drinks.

All these services are open for all customers who are our tenants and outsiders. 


Halls and Rooms for Feasts /Weddings /Meetings /Seminars /conferences.


We have two big halls each with a capacity to host more than 500 people and a lounge for 250 people at a time. Also rooms for 75,50,25, people suitable for meetings /conference/

Seminars /workshops etc. Rates vary if customers take meals from us.




We sell different stationary, stamps and books varying from schoolbooks, novels (both English and Swahili) to religious books. Religious ornaments, statues, rosaries, medals, compacts with religious/Church choir/songs are available.


Communication Services.


We are near to bus stands for buses from and to City Centre and other places. Nearby there is a Taxi Stand nearly for 18 hours services. Within the Centre premises we render secretarial services, photocopying telephone, fax, e-mail and internet services from 8.00 am till 22.00 hours from Monday to Saturday, except on feast and public holidays.


Currently, Msimbazi Centre is one of the fastest growing educational Centre and all the courses offered by the Centre lead to locally recognized certificates (Nationally.)

As time goes on there is high demand for education which we cannot meet unless we have enough space, sufficient equipment and well trained personnel for the same.

There is a great  need for a new and bigger facility to cater for the computer Training Centre in order to meet the ever-increasing demand for computer courses. Thousands of students graduate from the formal school system every year. Almost 85% of Form IV and VI students who graduate  annually are not selected to join colleges/University. These are potential candidates for our computer courses and other types of educational programmes that we offer at Msimbazi Centre. This is one of the aspects that prompts the Board of Directors of Msimbazi Centre to plan for a project for construction of a Computer Training Centre with a bigger capacity to try to meet the new demands.


Project Goal.

Creation of employment opportunities in this era of science and technology through the provision of computer courses/knowledge to young people in Dar Es Salaam and many other areas.


Project Objectives


Objective One


To construct a unit for computer courses enough to accommodate 300 students at a time  ( 30 students per class),furnished and equipped with the necessary teaching gear.


Objective two


To purchase 150 computer units together with accessories and install them in the practical teaching rooms.


Objective three


To look for and hire qualified instructors/teachers on contract, part time and/or voluntary basis.


Objective four


To provide computer courses leading to internationally recognised certificates up to Advanced Diploma level.


Project Implementation


A course curriculum will be prepared in consultation with the reputable Universities/Colleges to ensure that the courses to be provided meet both national and international standards.


Msimbazi Centre as a Church entity has the role to play in the current situation. Many young people have no hope for the future. It is through the provision of such courses that the Centre can create a ray of hope for the young generation of this poor country.



Rev. Fr. Benedict Shayo