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Location: St. Joseph Cathedral is located right in the Centre of the City of Dar Es Salaam, facing the shores of the Indian Ocean between Sokoine Drive, Bridge Street, Mansfield and Zanaki Streets.  The Cathedral is a metropolitan Church of a mult-racial and Multilingual Community of Catholic Worshippers.


Contact Address:

  The Parish Priest

St. Joseph Cathedral

Sokoine Drive

P. O. Box 167

Dar Es Salaam

Telephone:  255-22-2118419


The Parish Priest is Rev. Fr. Siffredus Rwechungura e-mail:

The Assistant Parish Priest is : Fr. Joseph Masenge


History:  Short History of St. Joseph’s Cathedral


  27-7-1896 -  Government offered a plot for building the church    to the Father MAURUS HARTMANN O.S.B. who was the Parish Priest.


  2-7-1897 -  Brother Ludger O.S.B.  Started to clean and Measure

the Plot


  5-12-1897 -  The actual building of the church started officially asking

God’s blessings.


  15-5-1898 -  Mr. Liebert, Governor of the Germany East Africa

Company laid the foundation stone.


  4-2-1903 -  The church was blessed by Fr. Thomas Spreiter O.S. B.


  13-3-1906 -  The same Father Thomas Spreiter became Bishop of

Dar Es Salaam and he consecrated the St. Joseph’s church

on 15-10-1908


  1-9-1990 -  Pope John Paul II visited this church when he was

in Tanzania.



Population:  ……                              25000


Catholics                                             15000

Adults                                                 8000

Children                                              7000


Muslims                                              6500

Protestants                             3500


Other Denominations


Services: ………………………… 


       07.00 A.M. Swahili

       08.30 A.M. English

       09.45 A.M. Swahili

       11.30 A.M. English

       05.30 P.M. Swahili


Weekdays        Monday – Friday

       06.15 and 06.45 A.M.

       05.30 P.M.


Saturday 06.15 and 06.45 A.M.

Except Wednesday evening English

Public Holiday: 08.00 A.M. and 05.30 P.M.

Confessions: Saturday 04.30 – 06.30



  1. Immaculate Heart of Mary
  2. Theresian Sisters
  3. Baldegg Sister
  4. Little Sisters of St. Francis of Assisi




1.      Schools

The Parish has a Kindergarten School catering for children of between 4 and 6 years.  The schools is open to children from all denominations


2.                  Accommodation Facilities

The Parish offers fullboard accommodation to visiting priests at a very affordable rate of less than USD 10 per day


3.                  Lay Apostolate Association

The following Lay Apostolate are open to all Parishioners

·        WAWATA – Wanawake Wakatoliki Tanzania

(Catholic Women Organisation)


·        VIWAWA – Catholic Youth

·        League of the sacred heart of Jesus

·        Legion of Mary

·        St. Vincent de Paul

·        Prayer groups

·        Choirs both English and Swahili


Information supplied by the chairperson of the Cathedral Parish council: Mrs. Olive Luena  e-mail


To contact the parish use:




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